Get luminous summer skin

Want luminous summer skin?

We get it. Winter can suck the glow right out of our skin, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for dull skin!

The Hairburst girls want to share with you their top tips for getting gorgeous, glowing, luminous skin that will have you all set for the summer.


First things first. Skincare

If you really want to achieve that plumped hydrated skin, you need to make sure you get your skin up to scratch, if you do this makeup will glide on easier meaning it will look better.

Cleansing: I believe for everybody it is always best to use a cleanser designed for sensitive skin, the best places to pick these up are pharmacies, as they do not cause any irritation or dryness – something we must avoid at all costs for luminous skin.

Toner: Avoid using harsh toners on the skin as many are alcohol based which strips the skin of its natural oils. When this happens your skin over compensates for the loss of oil and creates double. This is how blackheads and blemishes are caused.

Moisturising: Make sure you are choosing the correct moisturiser for your skin type. For those who have combination skin (dry & oily) I would recommend an oil-free, gel based formula. For skins which are dry I would recommend a richer and more concentrated formula and also a face serum for an extra moisture boost.

A great tip I picked up a while ago is to rub an ice cube all over your face after you have washed it and apply your moisturiser straight onto the wet skin.

Not only does this shut your pores tight it also locks in the water, which is what we need to give that hydrated luminous glow. Our bodies cannot produce water on its own, we need to constantly drink it and put in onto our skin to benefit from it.

*Remember skincare does not need to be complicated, the moment we start messing around with our skin and putting a ton of different products on it, it gets irritated and that is when the problems start. Keep it simple, as long as you are keeping the skin clean and hydrated you will not have any problems. ☺

Now for the fun part…Makeup!

So now the skin is prepped and ready to go we can begin with our luminous skin makeup look.

Primer: Before anything apply a primer all over the face, It’s best to choose ones with light reflecting pigments as this will really give you a head start with achieving that dewy look and it will also hold your makeup in place all day.

Concealer: You need to cover any dark circles under the eyes with a concealer, again it is best to choose one with light reflecting pigments as we literally want that light to bounce straight off the shadows.

Base: For your base I suggest you swap that thick gloopy foundation for a tinted moisturiser and mix a little liquid highlighter in with it.

Powder: This is something you shouldn’t over do, you only need to put this on the parts that get super oily for example, your forehead and nose. Try and choose an illuminating mineral powder for this.

Bronzer: Now you have applied the powder you can put a subtle wash of bronzer underneath your cheekbones and around your Forehead – don’t forget to bronze the neck too!

Finishing touches: You can apply a blusher if you would like but I think this look looks better without, instead use either a liquid or powder highlighter blend it on the top of your cheeks, around your temples, down the centre of your nose and the cupids bow of your lips. These are the places that catch the light most and will give a subtle glow every time your head tilts.

To complete the look it needs no more that a slick of lipgloss, a wash or metallic eye shadow, mascara and that’s you all set for summer ☺


Hairburst x




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