Hair Loss During Pregnancy is Real

During Pregnancy and whilst Breast-feeding it is very common for women to experience more hair loss than usual. Don’t stress! This is completely normal!! The good news is that now there is something you can do about it.


So why am i losing my hair in the first place?

Normally you lose around 100-125 hairs a day, but after the delivery of a baby you can lose up to 500.

When you are pregnant your hormonal changes cause your hair to stay in the resting phase for longer. Meaning you will be losing less hair on a daily basis (You may have noticed at the beginning your hair seemed a little thicker than usual)

After birth when your hormones are settling down all those hairs quickly shift into the Shedding phase. Here it wouldn’t be abnormal to literally have hair falling out by the handful.


How can we help?

After years of testing Hairburst is finally ready to introduce our Hairburst For New Mums Range.

These vitamins provide all the ingredients in a safe dosage for you and your baby and can be taken pre, during and post pregnancy.

Hairburst for New Mums will keep your hair healthy and strong and will enable you to continue to grow long, healthy hair post pregnancy. 

If you are breastfeeding the added vitamins will provide you with extra energy and vitality for those times when your baby is keeping you awake and running around.


What else can I do to help?

Shedding is most noticeable whilst shampooing and brushing your hair so you may find that less shampooing and leaving your hair to dry naturally rather than blowdrying and brushing helps to slow down the loss.

When shampooing, try using a thickening shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a boost of volume.

If you want to have your hair up then use material hair ties and scrunchies rather than elastics and don’t have the style too tight, try something loose and undone.

I know it’s difficult but try to avoid using hairdryers, and heated hair appliances. There are so many great styles you can create using zero heat, so get experimenting while baby sleeps! We have a heatless waves tutorial you can start with here.

You may notice that after the shedding phase has ended you will begin to find fine baby hairs along your hairline, if these bother you then why not try getting a fringe cut in until they have grown out fully.

We hope these tips come in useful for you.

We send you and your new baby all the happiest and healthiest wishes 



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