What sunglasses suit your face?

As if shopping wasn’t fun enough, now the sun is shining we can all start looking for our perfect pair of sunglasses!

The question is… which pair is best for you? They can be too big, too small, and even if you find the perfect size then the style isn't right, uncertainty is never fun and trying sunglasses on all day long can be tiring!

We at Hairburst have weighed up the must-have styles for every face shape so there is a style out there for all of you to choose from.

Have a scroll and start your online shopping! :-)

For round face shapes like Miranda Kerr square or rectangular frames work best for you as they offset your fuller features.

If you have an oval face shape you are one of the lucky ones who can get away with any style! Make sure when you are choosing your perfect pair that they fit correctly. There should be a gap on either side of your temples and the sunglasses should not slide down the nose.

For square face shapes like Nicole Richie you should balance out your strong jawline with circular frames or a broad cat-eye shape to compliment your broad features.

Heart shaped faces like Reese’s have wide cheeks and a narrow chin, your best bet for this face shape is Aviators, however you don’t want to choose oversized ones as it can drag the face down. Instead pick ones that have a more rounded silhouette. Additionally, Cat-eye sunglasses will also work well if you select ones, which are not too narrow or pointy.

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