Its Date Night Girls

Date Night!

First date jitters? When getting ready for a date sometimes the romance, excitement, butterflies, nerves and wanting to impress can mean that we get carried away. We decide to try a new hairstyle, makeup, dress style or persona in an attempt to impress!

This can all lead to last minute beauty dilemma’s that can make you feel self-conscious and not yourself!

All you need to remember is to be yourself. If you look good, you'll feel great and that's what's important. But you still want that extra oomph of glamour for the night - that’s all part of the fun in getting ready right? So with that in mind, we have made a handy Do’s and Don’ts list for first dates!

Stick around, have a read and you'll have him wondering how he can call you again without making it obvious that he is totally smitten with you!

DO take the occasion into consideration. So if he is taking you bowling and for a burger you don't want to be in your heels and a dress, imagine how the self consciousness of bending over will ruin your bowling game… we cant have that! Stick to the ‘girl next door’ look for casual dates and save your dresses and heels for the weekend when he is taking you to parties and dinners!


DON’T overdo the perfume, but do make sure you pick the right one. Perfume gives you a head start before you even speak, it also lingers around them after you are gone to remind them of you so you need to get this bit right girls! You want something that isn't too over powering, slightly sweet with a musky and demure linger, the kind that leaves a soft trail of scent every time you move. Fragrances with Vanilla and Amber are a good option because they are said to be an aphrodisiac.


DO show some skin! This rule is not to be taken overboard, what we mean is, if it’s a casual date have your arms and shoulders showing if you are wearing jeans. Make sure when you've had your bath or shower that you slather yourself in body lotion or body oil so that your skin is supple and glowing, dust some light shimmer across your shoulders and on your collar bones - there is nothing more enticing than gorgeous soft skin!


DON’T suddenly change your makeup look! Remember he's already asked you out, so however you look already is working for him. If you wear a red lip usually keep that, if you like the natural look then stick with that! You don't want to try to master a tricky eye flick and have a horrendous disaster an hour before you meet him.

Fresh glowing skin is always a winner, don’t go too heavy or dark on the foundation, pick a pretty blush to sweep across your cheeks, keep your eyeshadow a gorgeous subtle shimmer that catches the light every so often, curl your lashes to make you look wide eyed. A great tip is to put a white shimmery shadow in the inner corners of your eyes to make them really sparkle!

The best kind of makeup is the kind you forget you are wearing, you don't want to be worrying through the date if you have lipstick on your teeth or if your false eyelash is hanging off! You just need to be having a great time and showing off your fun personality because that’s what is going to attract him to you the most!


DO make the most of your crowning glory! That hair girl, if you're having it straight make sure you really nail it! Make sure it is hella shiny and smooth! If you're going to go for the curl we suggest soft waves for a first date, its more flattering and it wont make you appear as high maintenance as a full on curl will!


DON’T doubt yourself! At least not with him, in his head you've got a line of other guys who want to take you out, he’s lucky to be taking you out tonight that’s why he asked you in the first place, so don't try to act any different to how you normally would, if he takes you for food and you want to finish it all - finish it all. In your head you are thinking ‘oh I don't want him to think i eat much’ but what he is really thinking is I’ve just bought her that meal and she's left it all’


DO have some manners, if he pays you a compliment, accept it and say thank you, when you reject them, eventually he will just stop bothering if you go any further and you will start to think he doesn't find you attractive. Say your Please and Thank yous. Manners take you a long way, there’s nothing more ignorant than somebody taking you out and not even getting a simple Thank you for it.


Sometimes us girls over think things too much, guys are simple they like the basic things like food, sport and pretty girls. If you've got some drama going on they probably aren’t the best people to vent to so save that for your girlfriends! 


He already likes you so lets keep it that way :-) In the words of Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones "just the way you are." Simple!


Have fun,


Hairburst x

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