How to create an easy Chignon

This month the team at Hairburst have been loving this effortless girl next door look.

We have been practicing recreating the look and we have come up with an 5 easy step for you to try at home.
Whether you wear it as a pretty daytime look or glam it up for the evening you are sure to turn heads with this.

Give it a go girls, Love, Hairburst x

1. Onto clean blow-dried hair work some Mousse through strands and blow-dry hair up and away from the face.

2. Divide hair in half (top and bottom), clipping away the section at the crown.

3. Create a small, three-strand braid on the right side the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic. Unclip the top section and mist all over with a texturizer (you could make your own using water, salt and lemonjuice :-)).

4. Coat hands with a light layer of pomade and divide hair into two sections again—this time one to the right, and the other to the left of centre.

5. Tie the sections together twice to form a “chain-link” knot and secure in place with hair grips.

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