Did you ever feel the need to change your natural hair colour to some funky, bright coluor? Well, I did. However most women don’t take the plunge because of all the perils chemical hair dyes offer. Well, good news ladies! There is an alternate, healthier method available which will not damage even a teeny bit of your hair. Yes! We are talking about “Henna”.

What is Henna?

Henna is basically a plant, also known as Lawsonia inermiss. It has been in use for cosmetic purposes for centuries. It is also used to create temporary patterns on skin in different parts of the world. And the best part is it is always used in its pure natural form, with no other chemicals added.

For use on hair, it is simply mixed with water and the dye is released. Some people prefer to let it sit for 5-24 hours before applying it on hair.

Advantages of Henna

Henna has numerous advantages over chemical dyes. Infact chemical dyes don’t really have any advantages except that they are able to give you the exact hair color you desire.

It is safe

Henna is the safest option you could ever have for dying your hair. Unlike chemical dyes, it won’t make your hair look damaged and brittle. There is no danger of cancerous and other unfriendly chemicals accumulating in your hair.

Strengthens your hair and adds shine to it

Apart from the color, Henna gives instant strength and shine to your hair. It locks in moisture and oils, leaving your hair super-conditioned.

Dandruff fighter

Henna has been known to keep the dandruff at bay for regular users.


Henna is very cheap as compared to the commercial hair dye. So there are no money problems.

Easy to DIY

There is no need to hit a salon for getting it done. You can easily apply the henna at home.


A very messy and tedious process

Dying your hair with henna can prove to be a very messy and tiresome process. It requires patience. Also the place where you are applying it will require a lot of cleaning afterwards.

Limited color spectrum

If you like to be a hair chameleon then henna may not make you much happy. It offers limited variety of colors, mainly in the hues of red or orange.

Long timing

The henna takes much longer time than commercial hair dyes to set in, especially when you are doing it for the first time. It may take 2-6 hours, depending upon the shade you want.

Now that you know how much advantageous henna is over much feared chemical dyes, forget your fears and take the plunge. Or if you are a regular chemical dye user, then bid them goodbye for your own good.









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