Hair Journey Tips

1. Wash your hair correctly - Try not to wash your hair everyday. By washing your hair everyday you are stripping away its natural oils and this is damaging to hair.  Also, try to use the coolest water you can on your hair, hot water can be damaging so its always best to use cool/luke-warm water. 

2. Drying your hair - Don't always blow dry your hair, it is good to give your hair a rest from blow dryers now and again. When you do blow dry though be sure to have the blow dryer at least 30cm away from the scalp and have it on a cool temperature. This will take longer to dry your hair but it will be much better for your hair. 

3. Brushing - Don't brush your hair when it is wet. This is because when hair is wet it is at its more fragile so when you brush it is much more likely to break and pull out causing more hair fall.

4. Go easy on styling products -  The key to this is protecting your scalp. Products such as hair spray can dry out your scalp so when applying products try to apply it to your hair and not right down to your hair roots.

5.  Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle - By taking your hairburst you are adding all the vital vitamins to your diet for hair growth. Supporting this with eating healthy and living an active lifestyle, your well on the way to longer, healthier hair :)

If you haven't already started your hair journey or you are due a top up, visit

Remember a hair journey is a commitment for a number of months to ultimately get longer, thicker, healthier hair <3 x="" br="">
Lots of Love,

The hairburst team xx

P.S here is some hairspiration from our Instagram page @hairburst 



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