5 steps to get bikini ready - FAST!

Somehow, bikini season seems to have snuck up on us again and if you're feeling like you're not quite ready for it, don't fret - we've all been there, and it definitely shouldn't stop you from slipping into your fave bikini and slaying on the beach.

Obviously we can't work miracles and there is certainly no quick-fix for sculpting a six-pack and booty in a week, but there are things you can be doing that will make you look better in a bikini. 

Here are our tips for some last minute bikini prep:

1. Sugar and Salt cause your body to retain water. Cut them out and up your veggies and protein.

2. HIIT workouts have got your back, thats High Intensity Interval Training. First thing on a morning get your heart rate high for 15-20 minutes in order to burn extra fat through out the day. Jump squats, burps, mountain climbers... Google HIIT and loads of exercise ideas will come up. 

3. Book yourself in for a spray tan having a summer glow makes everyone feel better and it makes you instantly look slimmer. 

4. Up your water levels to 2 Litres a day and drink peppermint tea after meals to aid digestion for a flatter tummy. 

5. Be bikini savvy! Who says it has to be a tiny piece of string? Shop around and find one that makes you feel incredible be it a swimsuit or a two piece. It's your holiday... wear what you want.

6. Stop comparing yourself. The media has given us unrealistic images of perfection. Let me tell you right now...None of your friends are expecting you to look like Gigi in a bikini. They expect you to look like you because they love you and you are fun to eat ice-cream with on holiday! 

7. Smile! Nothing is more gorgeous than a confident smile from a happy girl. 

Thanks for reading we hope these tips help! 







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